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overly enthusiastic about a lot of things & slightly in love with caroline dhavernas
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were you just talking to the cow creamer? 'cause it looked like you were

Buckminster Fuller and sacred geometry.

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You know, there was a particular peculiarity to Freddie Lounds’ relationship with Abigail Hobbs. I don’t know if I would’ve called it ‘maternal’ but it certainly seemed ‘big sister’-like in a sort of way and I think that’s pretty remarkable.

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The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.


what if at the end of orphan black sarah manning finally knows everything about dyad and project leda and project castor and it’s all horrific and finally someone says “the last one who knew this much lost it” and then the very end is sarah stepping in front of a train


2 days to go..


i felt good today

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Fashion inspiration: Ladies of Twin Peaks.


is tatiana maslany a real person

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